Tomorrow begins the start of the next 5 months

I always find it slightly daunting the day before I ‘start something new’.

I had the same feeling when: I left home for my first year of university, when started my full time job last year and I left New Zealand and lived in the USA for a year.

I’m not sure it’s me being nervous, anxious, excited, or upset that I won’t be able to sleep in as late as I want. The last month has been too relaxing and even to the point of being very boring.

There’s not a lot to do in Palmerston North. I caught up with most of my friends that I wanted to catch up with. I made Youtube videos, watched movies that I’ve been meaning to watch, played many hours of League of Legends (LoL).
Still, it gets boring not having anything important to do.

For the last 5 Sundays I’ve been teaching a group of kids Chinese Lion Dancing. Finally, kids who are actually keen to learn and are actually learning something. Maybe I missed my calling as a teacher… na. I’ll just claim this as my community service for this year completed.
I’m slightly gutted that I won’t be around for their future practices but I’m hoping I set them in the right direction to continue learning by themselves for the next few months. I said that I might make cameo appearances between now and March but I’m still unsure about that though.

And now the main part of this post. The new job that starts this Tuesday (Nov 4th). There’re 3 of us doing this. Alex, Jarvis and myself. We’re all friends from University. Working for Jarvis’ Dad and we’re all living at his house out in Dannevirke. That’s going to be interesting.
Alex is coming to get me tomorrow (Monday) and together we’re going to Dannevirke. I still don’t really know what the job is. All I was told to bring (for the job at least) are a lot of work socks. Sounds promising.

On that note I think I shall end this post here. I still have a youtube video to finish editing and 4 video thumbnails to make.



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