2015 in PREview

Remember the last time I wrote a blog post?
Yeah I don’t either. I think it was it back in October or November last year… I think.

Also do you remember how the last blog is titled:

Tomorrow begins the start of the next 5 months‘?

Well turns out that 5 months has now been cut down to 2 months.
Basically my employer (my mate’s Dad) had to lay me and my mate off due to costs. It’s a bit of a bummer but honestly I could see it coming at the start of December.
He was a really nice guy and tried his best to keep us as long as he could. It’s just a bummer that it couldn’t have worked out in the long run until March.

So what does that mean now? Well I’m once again ‘In between jobs‘ and have to start job hunting.

I guess in the mean time I can get back to the stuff I’ve been meaning to do. Catch up on TV shows and movies I have yet to watch, try to make more youtube videos and possibly continue on making my rich.tv series.

It’s the start of the new year and I’m usually not one to make resolutions but I guess my first goal for 2015 is to find a job – preferably a job that will be the start of my career (whatever that is).

Going to keep this post short but another 2015 goal is to write more wordpress blogs… Fingers crossed.


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Tomorrow begins the start of the next 5 months

I always find it slightly daunting the day before I ‘start something new’.

I had the same feeling when: I left home for my first year of university, when started my full time job last year and I left New Zealand and lived in the USA for a year.

I’m not sure it’s me being nervous, anxious, excited, or upset that I won’t be able to sleep in as late as I want. The last month has been too relaxing and even to the point of being very boring.

There’s not a lot to do in Palmerston North. I caught up with most of my friends that I wanted to catch up with. I made Youtube videos, watched movies that I’ve been meaning to watch, played many hours of League of Legends (LoL).
Still, it gets boring not having anything important to do.

For the last 5 Sundays I’ve been teaching a group of kids Chinese Lion Dancing. Finally, kids who are actually keen to learn and are actually learning something. Maybe I missed my calling as a teacher… na. I’ll just claim this as my community service for this year completed.
I’m slightly gutted that I won’t be around for their future practices but I’m hoping I set them in the right direction to continue learning by themselves for the next few months. I said that I might make cameo appearances between now and March but I’m still unsure about that though.

And now the main part of this post. The new job that starts this Tuesday (Nov 4th). There’re 3 of us doing this. Alex, Jarvis and myself. We’re all friends from University. Working for Jarvis’ Dad and we’re all living at his house out in Dannevirke. That’s going to be interesting.
Alex is coming to get me tomorrow (Monday) and together we’re going to Dannevirke. I still don’t really know what the job is. All I was told to bring (for the job at least) are a lot of work socks. Sounds promising.

On that note I think I shall end this post here. I still have a youtube video to finish editing and 4 video thumbnails to make.


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In between jobs

I find myself at 2:36am on Friday October 24th 2014 awake and attempting to fix my ‘blog’. From what I can decipher, I created this blog in 2010 and only posted on it once.

I have been meaning to type thoughts and post them online. What better time is there to start than right now. Also I my typing skills have been lacking lately so I need to practice.

So who am I? My name is Richmond Thackery. Born and raised in Palmerston North, 24 years old and a graduate of Victoria University of Wellington. I spent the last year living in Orlando Florida working at Disney World as a lifeguard (which was probably the best year of my life) and I am now ‘in between jobs’. I say in between jobs because I am at that stage where I want to start some sort of career.

Unfortunately, I decided to get a Bachelor of Science majoring in Geography and Environmental Studies. You’re probably thinking to yourself, what can you do with that? I get that question all the time and I too am often left thinking that myself.

Since arriving back in New Zealand mid September this year I have attempted to apply for jobs relating somewhat to my degree. I looked at various City/Regional Councils, Government Environmental groups and Department of Conservation (DoC). Most listings I come across are for managerial positions or listings that require specific ‘experience’.. This makes me think that I’m going to remain ‘unexperienced’ for a long time or I should consider going back to university (or equivalent) and do further studying.
I’d prefer not to study.

After searching for a job for the last month I managed to land a summer job thanks to a friend of mine, I think.
I say ‘I think’ because I don’t like to be absolute on something until it happens. If this does happen I’ll be working out in Dannevirke starting November 4th, 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, lasting until March 2015.

If you’re a subscriber to my youtube channel (thank you by the way) then you might be thinking, how’s Richmond going to keep making weekly ‘rich.tv’ videos. I’m thinking the same thing. This is going to be a long shot but over the next week I’m going to attempt to film and edit 5 weeks worth of videos, save them on my phone (or USB) and upload them each Wednesday.

No i’m not taking my PC with me and no I don’t have a laptop.. My laptop got flooded.. long story.

The next 5 months are going to be very interesting. If I can even keep this blog going, I’ll be impressed. As for my youtube channel and rich.tv? We’ll see.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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